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2020 Jazz FM Awards Nominee 'Best Venue'

Brighton's Only Dedicated Jazz Club

2019 Parliamentary Jazz Awards Nominee 'Best Venue'

Goodbye Verdict Jazz fans!

As my tenancy draws to an end I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making The Verdict such a success over the last couple of years. 


Fellow promoters, my staff and suppliers, the whole back office team and each and every single musician I've met has made this an unforgettable experience.


My highlights include not one, but two, 'Best Venue' award nominations in consecutive years, squeezing an 18 piece big band in the club (twice) and the gorgeous outdoor mural I commissioned over lock down, a lary legacy to the jazz greats and my brief tenure. 


The biggest thank you goes to our wonderful guests though, who support The Verdict through thick and thin. I, along with you, wait with baited breath for the next run of live gigs, hopefully to come in the new year.


As I ruminate over what my next personal venture might be, I wish everyone the best of health and fortune in these unprecedented and challenging times.


Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life - Art Blakey 

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